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Technical Drawing Drafting



"Quick Draw turns dreams into reality, by taking creative ideas and transforming them into visual representations and works of art"


About Quick Draw

With over 15 years of experience Quick Draw, LLC specializes in a wide assortment of technical drawings including but not limited to Architectural, Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical drawings.  We are also equipped to provide our clients with 3D modeling and rendering.  Quick Draw provides leading-edge drawing solutions to multiple industry sectors.  We provide a cost-cutting partnership with our clients, integrating their concepts and ideas into the most accurate and professional technical drawings.  We also offer our clients CAD conversion of charts, graphs, hand-sketch, scanned, pdf and paper drawings. 



We offer a broad spectrum of technical drawings and floor plans for home and office. 2D architectural floor plans, electrical wiring, lighting, and circuit diagrams. Mechanical/HVAC layouts. Fire alarm and fire sprinkler piping layouts. Drawings of machined parts for machine assembly, and 3D modeling of inventions for patent drawings.

Existing Condition Surveys

Accurately measuring a home, building or space and create 2D floor plans using Autocad software. This is very precise accurate and detailed work; most commonly performed on homes and buildings that will re-designed, re-constructed or staged.

Hand Sketch Conversions

Conversion of hand sketches, red-line mark-ups, existing paper drawings, or scanned images into scaled, dimensionally accurate, and layered Cad files. This is ideal for Architectural, Engineering, As-builts, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Building Construction and all types of drawings. Scanned images are re-drafted to ensure high quality;  due to lack of accuracy of conversion software programs.

Real Estate + Area Calculations

Real estate surveys to determine area and square footage of homes, buildings, offices and tenant spaces. Accurate summation of floor space, rentable space and building common areas in order to perform rent-loss assessments.

As-built Surveys

After construction survey to measure, document and record specific items that might have/or did change during the construction phase. These surveys may capture, design changes, field condition changes, owner changes/modifications etc.

Corporate + Building Complexes

Accurately measuring  corporate office centers, housing complexes  and event spaces. We can re-map floor plans/layouts as opposed to using outdated drawings from past alterations.

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